Stomp the Pedal

STP 'Kick Start' Colombian Coffee Beans

£7.05 GBP

During lockdown 1.0 I made a major purchase and bought myself an epic Barista style coffee machine. Whilst hunting down for coffee beans to place in my new gorgeous machine, I thought to myself........I love coffee, I am an athlete who loves coffee........OMG why don't I look into sourcing my own coffee and create an amazing Stomp the Pedal Coffee product.

Well after many weeks of sourcing, testing, and going back and forth, I present to you...............

Stomp the Pedal 'Kick Start' Colombian Coffee beans

My chosen coffee beans, even though it does not have the fair trade seal or is organic, it is actually a bean that has been sourced directly from the farmer during my master suppliers time in Colombia over 10 years.

Here are some facts about the coffee beans

Region - Hulia. Hulia's landscape is mountainous supporting variation in climate along with nitrogen rich soil, making it ideal for growing coffee

Altitude - 1,500 - 1,900 masl (above sea level)

Process - Washed

Tasting notes - Balanced, sweet, berry notes, chewy body, citric like acidity

Strength - Strong 4/5 STP rating

Size available - 250g bags initially. Other sizing will be considered after initial launch and feedback

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