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STP 'Face Mask' protection (SMASK-01)

£10 GBP

To produce this gorgeous facial mask, I teamed up with Saddledrunk whose Italian manufacturer was able to produce a certified face mask in line with regulations.

The design features the famous STP logo in neon colours!

These items are designed to be worn for short periods.

Best to be worn when in built up areas whilst maintaining 2m social distance rule.

The STP 'Face Mask' is designed to cover your face, mouth and the bottom edge under your chin. This to protect you against droplets landing directly on your skin.

Remember, you are choosing to wear this protect you and that of your fellow human.

Total composition - 93% polyester 7% polyurethane

Important Information

  • It is it not a 'medical surgical equipment' neither an 'individual protection equipment' referred to Article 74, first paragraph of Legislative Decree 9 April 2008 n.81 and other directives applicable to these devices, including art.16, first paragraph, of Legislative Decree 18.03.2020, n. 18

International clients, item won't be tracked as the cost of Tracked International will mean you are paying more than the product RRP.

Amatuer photography by Tarsh Wendt

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