Hi Collective, This is your team store. 1. This particular time, only the triathlon collection will be made available for pre order. 2. Casual tees, sweaters, trucker hats, visors etc will come at a later date as the turnaround on that apparel is much quicker 3. Cycle attire will come next year. As you are aware I am having the change manufacturer due to rising costs. This means re-cutting the design, improving the fabrics and conducting a test before I can go to market. I of course will keep you very well informed. 4. Kevin and Ed - as you are the only 2 males in the team, please select the gear as normal, and I will make those items in the male cut. 5. The team store will close on Friday 12th November end of day. I will then send my order to the factory by Monday 15th November. 6. NO VOUCHER OR DISCOUNT CODE is to be used in the team store. The kit is already heavily reduced. If you have any questions, please send me an email - info@stompthepedal.co Have fun shopping. Tarsh x