Pineapple Frenzy Neon Jersey
Pineapple Frenzy Neon Jersey

Pineapple Frenzy Neon Jersey

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I originally brought out the Neon Pineapple Frenzy Jersey back in October last year, however as the brand was so new, not a lot of ladies knew of it. One year later and the brand being more established and known, many of you asked for me to bring this one back!!

Slightly updated from the original to make it even more brighter and bolder, I've only got a couple left.

Women's Jersey

A cycling jersey dedicated to women looking for style without giving up on performance.  The front and rear part are in 120 grams microfibre to guarantee maximum breathability. The sides and sleeves, with raw cut details, are in 135 Bi-elastic to increase comfort and fit. 


  • Two different kinds of fabric
  • Textured microfibre on the front and on the back for the greatest comfort & breathability
  • Sides and sleeves in 135 Bi-elastic fabric
  • Unique fabric for instant drying, excellent stretch and tight fitting.
  • Camlock concealing divisible zip
  • UV Protection
  • 3 rear pockets plus a zip pocket to keep your important items safe
  • Reflective strip
  • Made in Italy


  • Bi-elastic polyester
  • Polyester fibre with yarn finess of 50