Kona Hummingbird Cycling bibs
Kona Hummingbird Cycling bibs

Kona Hummingbird Cycling bibs

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With the landscape of lava fields on the island of Kona, Hawaii it was essential to create a bold, bright and dazzling kit. Anyone who rides in this stylish cycle design will not be missed by other users of the road. 

🔥Important notes

  1. Pre order is open from 16th October to 30th October
  2. The order will be sent to my manufacturer in Italy on 31st October
  3. You will only be required to pay 50% upfront. The balance when the kit arrives at HQ
  4. Sizing is from XXS to 5XL
  5. Please measure yourself. Size chart is located in the footer.
  6. Simply select Kona no wording using the dropdown box next to your choice of size.

Bib cycling shorts designed for women. The 120 grams Lycra® Sport yarn and 3D mesh bibs ensure comfort and performance.  HP Fiandre X-Tract Women chamois pad guarantees over 5 hours of cycling comfort.


  • A bi-elastic mesh with a unique 3D structure ensuring comfort & breathability
  • High density foam to ensure maximize comfort for women. A raised surface has been designed in a strategic position, allowing natural rotation of the pelvic bones for additional support and comfort on the saddle
  • Chamois Fiandre HP pad covered by X-tract fabric that ensures breathability
  • Made in Italy


  • X-tract fabric 
  • Lycra® Sport