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Love love love it.

Blue Iris Single Strap Swimsuit PRE ORDER
Kamela Prevett

Wonderful pattern, good quality and a nice fit

'STP Collective' Backpack
Rebecca Varnouse
Stunning backpack!

Gorgeous, durable, colourful and so roomy, love love love my Collective backpack!

We Glow

This singlet is so lovely to wear. The material is so light and comfortable I just love it 🥰

Bright and comfy

Love the colour and fit. Material is even nicer than normal STP kit

'Forget me not' Single Strap one piece swimsuit
Prabina Talary
Forget Me Not

Love my "Forget Me Not" Swim Suit makes me look fabulous & it's absolutely lush.
Swim as if you're swimming naked that's how comfortable & perfect fitting it is 👌🏽👌🏽.
Stomp The Pedal every penny worth❤️❤️

The bestest winter bibs, ever!

Went out for a ride on Sunday for the first time in the STP winter bibs … super comfy, lovely and warm … a joyous ride.

Amazing Quality as always!

Absolutely love the colours, the material, the design and the side pockets!! Always so impressed with the quality of STP kit :-) Tarsh's creative designs always make my soul happy and love seeing the kit out of race courses.

Love it!

The patterns are brilliant. The briefs fit perfectly and there's a string to tie to keep them secure. The top is tight and compressing but comfortable so even as a larger-breasted woman, it is secure, although I'd recommend sizing down in the top. The material is also long lasting, I rinse mine with clean water and air dry it after every swim. This is my second STP bikini, I would highly recommend!

Excellent quality

Lovely colours and quality ❤️

Super comfy winter leggings

Great winter leggings, always tricky to find long, flexible yet warm winter leggings. These were perfect and very comfortable!

Short sleeve aero Tri suit

Just beautiful, lovely fit and great colour.
Love the big pockets at the back and the extra side pockets to the legs.
Very comfortable and I cannot wait to race in it this season.

Best swimsuit

This is the most beautifully made product with luxurious yet practical material. The pattern is a head Turner too! I would highly recommend this product.

Worth the wait for a comeback jersey

Comfort, style, colour, cut to perfection. Just love how it feels and especially how it shapes my body. So glad the cycle jersey is back!

The seam below the zip which runs across the lower tummy isn’t too flattering compared to other tri suits I’ve got and there is no extra lining for boobs or a even a second layer in the front panel which you need especially in a sleeveless suit, will find a sports bra that fits under it neatly. Love the elastic round the legs, very comfy.

'Honeysuckle Pink' STP Signature 'LUXE' Unisex Hoody!
Kay Dawson
Tickled Pink!

My second STP hoodie and I love it just as much as the first! Now in a colour less likely to show all the dog hair!!

Dusty Black ' STP Signature 'LUXE' Unisex Hoody!
Rebecca Varnouse
Another great hoody!

Love an STP hoody! Cosy, warm and always eye-catching!

'Honeysuckle Pink' STP Signature 'LUXE' Unisex Hoody!
Rachel Boddice
The STP LUXE hoody is soo lush I now have two

Top quality and very cosy hoody. I wear mine a lot in the winter months. The colours are gorgeous as you would expect from STP

'Honeysuckle Pink' STP Signature 'LUXE' Unisex Hoody!
Rebecca Varnouse
Hoodie of Dreams!

I already had a Stomp The Pedal hoodie, and love it so much, I wanted another. This did not disappoint. The colour is so vibrant and the fabric so warm and cosy. Absolutely love my STP hoodie!

Limited Edition Kona Trucker 2022
Karen Gibson
Kona trucker hat

Used for the first time today on a run and it was fab. Hubby said it looked great. Can’t wait to use in IM 70.3 NZ next month along with the kaleidoscope Tri suit.

'Honeysuckle Pink' STP Signature 'LUXE' Unisex Hoody!
Emma Spandrzyk

Absolutely love this hoodie. I’ve been living in it since it arrived!!

'Kaleidoscope' Single Strap one piece swimsuit
Milly Pelmore
Soft and strong!

This is my second STP costume and it makes me so happy! The material is soft and beautiful (and the design goes without saying). I got this in Small and my last one in a Medium, and both fit depending on how full I’m feeling - the small better for training hard and the medium better for comfort, both flattering. Would definitely recommend!

'Kaleidoscope' Bikini Top
Victoria Butterfield
Stunning colours & brilliant fit

This is my first STP bikini and I was a little apprehensive that it might not look as good as my Tri kit. I really needn't have worried. It is super comfy, provides full coverage and the colours are as stunning as ever!

STP Collective Membership Fee - New Team Member
Charlotte Richards
It all looks good atm

The community is outstanding with lots of support.

'Kaleidoscope' Single Strap one piece swimsuit
Helen Melville
Absolutely blooming gorgeous!!!

Absolutely beautiful costume. Fabric is of an extremely high quality which ensures a good fit, the cut of seams and straps is all perfectly placed to fit well, not chafe and not move and as for the design?!!! Eye poppingly gorgeous. Absolutely love this!!!! 😍