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The STP Story

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a girl who loved to cycle. 


She found that a lot of the kits she bought (for a lot of cash money I might add) were either uncomfortable or... just plain boring! #lame

That girl was me, Tarsh Wendt. Huge lover of cycling with a slight kit obsession.

What’s a girl to do?
After spending thousands on brands that I loved and admired, I knew in my heart the time would come where I needed to pursue my passion and create my own brand.
It was here that Stomp the Pedal was born.
The designs are created in London, UK but unlike other smaller companies out there, I've chosen a manufacturer who uses the highest quality MITIspa Italian fabrics. They were established back in 2005 and the range is made in Italy, by a well established Italian factory, who have been around since 1986. 

Here at Stomp the Pedal I am all about making sure that when you're out on your bike for whatever occasion, not only are you comfortable (cause let's be straight up, every cycling kit brand wants to ensure you are comfortable), but you can #BeSeen and that you are above all STYLISH. #StomptheStyle

I create unique, stylish, flattering and #HOOHAHTASTIC gear for women, by a woman.
Stomp the Pedal is not a subdue brand!

Any female who wears the brand is #stylish, #classy, #bold, #bright and #empowered
Because that's the STP way. 
Come join the STP Global Familia
Tarsh x