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'Atika' Women's Cycle Bibs
'Atika' Women's Cycle Bibs
'Atika' Women's Cycle Bibs

'Atika' Women's Cycle Bibs

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Bib cycling shorts designed for women. The 120 grams Lycra® Sport yarn and 3D mesh bibs ensure comfort and performance.  HP Fiandre X-Tract Women chamois pad guarantees over 5 hours of cycling comfort.


  • A bi-elastic mesh with a unique 3D structure ensuring comfort & breathability
  • High density foam to ensure maximize comfort for women. A raised surface has been designed in a strategic position, allowing natural rotation of the pelvic bones for additional support and comfort on the saddle
  • Chamois Fiandre HP pad covered by X-tract fabric that ensures breathability
  • Made in Italy


  • X-tract fabric 
  • Lycra® Sport