My first expo - 2018 London Bike Show

When the opportunity arose to be part of 'The Craft' section of the London Bike Show, I felt it would be a great opportunity to create brand awareness for 'Stomp the Pedal'.

The timing of it was quite good, as I was pre releasing my Spring capsule right at the same time.

I was very clear in my mind about what my objective was, raise brand awareness, make the garments available for ladies to touch and feel the fabrics, have the ability to try the kit on to gain a sense of the fit, comfort and style and lastly, meet me, the women behind the brand.

The show ran over 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I found Friday to be the day where many trade reps come out in search of what is the latest and greatest. I meet some very cool people. Many of them quite taken by the design and moreso the quality.

Saturday and Sunday was great, as I got to meet so many lovely women across the spectrum of cycling and triathlon.

Social media is a wonderful tool, it can have it's ups and downs but if used with a good heart and the right intention it is fabulous.

I got to benefit from that wonderful tool over the weekend as I got to meet many of the people who follow the brand online, also lovely clients who have supported me from the day I launched my first trucker hat to many whom I race alongside. It was fabulous to put faces to Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Would I rate it a success??
Yes, I would actually. Purely from the point of achieving my goal. Raising awareness of the brand to many new faces within the UK who were not aware of Stomp the Pedal previously.

The kit which saw a lot of interest was of course 'Flor Flor'. Those who missed out on getting this kit late last year, if you've signed up to my mailing list, you might see a special opportunity through your inbox within the next few days!

Friend, Lucy out in Lanzarote.

So what is next from Stomp the Pedal??

I have the summer collection finished in terms of design, so that will go into production for promotion etc over the next couple of months. That will be due around May for pre-order.

I'm currently researching and working on ideas for my first Kona capsule. That is very exciting for me. 

Even though Kona is a triathlon event and I'm a cycling brand, I love that race, location and I love to support many of my friends racing. To be able to have something special for that event would be epic for me.

My spring collection 'Gatsby' is out now, I have limited sizing and quantities available on my website. Feel free to take a look.


Thank you so much to everyone who has so far backed and supported me. I feel truly blessed.

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