STP Turbo Challenge

As the world goes into self isolation or lockdown by their respective governments, a Stompette within our private facebook group said she could feel a STP Trainer/Turbo challenge.

Well after hearing her cry, I agreed with her. We need a challenge to help us get through this unusual time that we are facing.

With all the race cancellations, deferments etc using the suggestion by the Stompette, Stomp the Pedal has launched -

stp turbo challenge
ride 1000kms in 16 days
16th March - 31st March
I have made several requests to Zwift, to ask whether they can set up an event that the STP community can sign up too. Fingers crossed they will be able to help.
I may not be big like Le Col or Machines for Freedom or Betty Designs, but I do have a community and we all use Zwift.
Let's pray someone will help.
In the meantime, get cycling!

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