Cycle Bibs are coming back!

I am so grateful to you all for being so patient with me. The STP cycle bibs have been off the market for the best part of 2020.

If you didn't know why, please read the previous blog post. Click here.

I am here now to let you know that after several weeks of testing, miles of riding on and off road, countless washes, the STP 2.0 bibs are making a comeback.

The chamois was the main reason why my bibs were pulled off the market.

Working with my supplier, Elastic Interface Technlogy, the main chamois supplier to the majority of brands out there, Stompettes and myself have been testing 2 chamois's to ensure they met the STP standards and that they are #HOOHASTASTIC. Yes that is right, it is important for us ladies, that our vagina's are comfortable and looked after during our bike rides!

Our take on each of them were basically neck and neck. However the one I have opted for is the one which we found to be the most comfortable out of the two, either though the difference is minor. What it does allow for, is more choice me to provide you ladies in the future.

So, this means ALL the designs will be back for pre order AND I will grab more of the signature black and navy bibs and keep them in stock.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. I take testing very seriously. If it doesn't meet the standard, it does not go to market. Simple as that.

Till next time

Tarsh x


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